Volante en Inglés | #FashionEnglish Lesson

volante en inglés

Ruffles: you may love them or hate them, but in the world of fashion they're always present in one way or another! Whether on cuffs, skirts, collars, hems... ruffles are extremely versatile and adaptable to a wide array of styles. Los volantes: puede que te encanten o puede que los odies, pero la verdad es [...]

Top 3 Accessory Trends for Fall-Winter 2019-2020


Christmas is here! And we just love wearing our big, warm coats and puffy jackets this time of year, don't you? But, sometimes it can feel a bit monotonous to wear the same coats again and again, so...what can we add to our fab outerwear to add a bit more style? Accessories, of course! ¡La [...]

6 Tips to Learn English Fast

aprender inglés rápido

When it comes to Spanish-speaking natives who are striving to learn English, I've seen it all—from 3-year-olds who were so good you'd think they were born for it, to forty-somethings who have been taking classes their whole lives but still can't speak in the past tense correctly. En cuanto a hispano-hablantes que están intentando aprender [...]

Your Summer Packing Checklist

qué llevar en la maleta

What to pack: A COMPLETE CHECKLIST Qué llevar en la maleta: Un checklist completo There's nothing more exciting than the days leading up to your summer vacation, but it's true that we all experience some degree of stress in the preparation phase, especially when it comes to packing our bags! No hay nada más emocionante [...]

Spring Fashion Trends 2019 | #TrendReport

tendencias primavera

It's now spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Here in Madrid we're feeling like the luckiest city dwellers in the world - enjoying a true, beautiful spring full of sunshine with fresh mornings and terrace-worthy afternoons. I don't know about you, but whenever spring rolls around I feel a serious urge to revamp my wardrobe! ¡Ya [...]