Making the Cut #FashionEnglish Vocabulary — Episodes 9 & 10


The finale is here! Season 1 of Amazon Prime's Making the Cut is now finished and the winning designer has been announced! Have you found out yet? (If not, don't worry, there are no spoilers in this article). ¡El final está aquí! La temporada 1 de Making the Cut de Amazon Prime ya ha finalizado [...]

Making the Cut #FashionEnglish Vocabulary — Episode 7

It's now down to 5 contestants in episode 7! As the competition gets tighter, the fashion keeps getting better and better (and so does the #FashionEnglish 😉 ). ¡Ya solo son 5 concursantes en el episodio 7! Mientras que la competición es cada vez más intensa, la moda es cada vez mejor (y también la [...]

Your Summer Packing Checklist

qué llevar en la maleta

What to pack: A COMPLETE CHECKLIST Qué llevar en la maleta: Un checklist completo There's nothing more exciting than the days leading up to your summer vacation, but it's true that we all experience some degree of stress in the preparation phase, especially when it comes to packing our bags! No hay nada más emocionante [...]